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Strut your stuff on the course. Not the parking lot.

Sweaty, dirty, salty, sticky and no where to change after a race or a training run? Sweaty, salty, sandy after the beach? Little junior just finished soccer and needs to change for the birthday party? Just left work and need to change for a run? You need portable privacy. You need a Hide Your Hiney.

We’ve all been there: Who hasn’t wrestled with sweaty clothes trying to change while sitting in the car sticking to the seat trying not to expose those white clammy buns? Who hasn’t wanted to get out of the sandy bathing suit for the ride back home? We’ve all settled for that uncomfortable ride with sand chafing the skin and contaminating the car. School to soccer practice? Soccer practice to pool? The protests are loud and whiny from children as parents beg them to JUST change in the back seat.


Portable privacy is the answer with the Hide Your Hiney.  Use it for a towel, a blanket, a seat protector.  The Hide Your Hiney is multifunctional, durable, and convenient and easy to use.  Just open your car doors, stand between and throw up the Hide Your Hiney.  Change, dry off with out worry of cheek exposure.

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